Edition #2

2024 ++
Tasmim Index

Edition #1


  1. Kind Project
  2. Counter/Ex/Un/Edit
  3. Snap, Snap, Sizzle
  4. Hello Departures Awards
  5. I Exist in the Future
  6. Talk Series
  7. In Good Company

Hello Departures is an ever-evolving experimental program at the intersection of design pedagogy, strategy, and community that provokes uplifting possibilities.

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2. Counter/Ex/Un/Edit Design Histories

Counter/Ex/Un/Edit Design Histories is an experimental retreat to rethink how we teach and learn design history and collectively map actionable pathways toward plural histories. 

Rewatch the creative conversation and workshop with Tasheka-Arceneaux Sutton, Ramon Tejada, Lisa Maione, Briar Levit, and Dina Benbrahim here.

Check out the Figma Jam we made collectively with participants. Use it, transform it, share it!