Edition #2

2024 ++
Tasmim Index

Edition #1


  1. Kind Project
  2. Counter/Ex/Un/Edit
  3. Snap, Snap, Sizzle
  4. Hello Departures Awards
  5. I Exist in the Future
  6. Talk Series
  7. In Good Company

Hello Departures is an ever-evolving experimental program at the intersection of design pedagogy, strategy, and community that provokes uplifting possibilities.

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5. I Exist in the Future

I Exist in the Future is a deep exploration and revival of historical found typography in the NWA region. The project translates the past into the future visually by designing fully functional fonts, co-creating murals, and offering free lettering workshops. It is the result of a semester-long collaboration between graphic design advanced type seniors, led by professors Ryan Slone and Dina Benbrahim, and local artist Olivia Trimble.

“If I am not imagined in your future, do I exist in it?” questions Hodari Davis. Erin Enmark, graphic design senior commented that this play on words reinstates the importance of the individual, mirroring the identity of the typefaces created for this project.