Edition #2

2024 ++
Tasmim Index

Edition #1


  1. Kind Project
  2. Counter/Ex/Un/Edit
  3. Snap, Snap, Sizzle
  4. Hello Departures Awards
  5. I Exist in the Future
  6. Talk Series
  7. In Good Company

Hello Departures is an ever-evolving experimental program at the intersection of design pedagogy, strategy, and community that provokes uplifting possibilities.

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6. Talk Series

Imagine a liberated design practice and education outside of systems of oppression. What do we need to unlearn, explore, do, transform and reprogram to rethink design? 

This talk series invited all to pause and join Maya Moumne, Faride Mereb, Adam Yeo, and Ksenya Samarskaya, whose critical perspectives and work are contributing to more equitable design futures. 

All talks were open to the public and free to attend. A recording is available for each talk here.